Welcome to Silhouette Collies. Silhouette Collies has been active in the Collie breed for over 20 years. Our
Collies consist of top Champion and National Specialty winners of both Rough and Smooth Collies. Our top
priority is health, temperament and beauty. Silhouette Collies are bred for elegance, soundness and
wonderful collie temperament for the show ring as well as the companion.

Located in Sanford, North Carolina, we occassionally offer show prospects, family companions, obedience,
agility, tracking and working dogs.

The collie comes in two varieties, the longhaired Rough and the shorthaired Smooth. The Collie's parent
club, The Collie Club of America, was organized in 1886, two years after the establishment of the American
Kennel Club and was the second parent club to join the AKC. The Collie was first shown in the United States
in May of 1877, at the second show of the Westminster Kennel Club in New York.

The Collie is an alert watchdog, quick to sound alarm and very protective of his family, although he is not an
aggressive dog. Both rough and smooth coats require thorough weekly brushings to keep the coat clean
and free of mats. Renowned for his loyalty and his reliability, the Collie makes a great companion and friend.

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